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19 Aug 2018
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123Alison HaganNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs46FemalePalo Alto min/m
124Anna HaganNot startedNot started13-19 Yrs13FemalePalo Alto min/m
125Doug HaganNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs49MalePalo Alto min/m
126Will HaganNot startedNot started1-12 Yrs11MalePalo Alto min/m
130Shalonda HaywoodNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs43FemaleSunnyvale min/m
137Emily HollenbeckNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs28FemaleSunnyvale min/m
95Anthony GazzoliNot startedNot startedNo Age Given0MaleCampbell min/m
99James GianakakosNot startedNot started1-12 Yrs10MaleMenlo Park min/m
100Manoli GianakakosNot startedNot started1-12 Yrs12MaleMenlo Park min/m
101Tassos GianakakosNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs45MaleMenlo Park min/m
102Fe GibbonsStartedStarted60-69 Yrs65FemalePalo Alto min/m
144Yong HuangNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs55FemaleStanford min/m
148Hannah IsonStartedStarted20-29 Yrs26FemaleRedwood City min/m
149Shyam Iyer9:04.6570.00020-29 Yrs26MaleStanford min/m
151Manal JaberNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs48FemaleSan Jose min/m
158Toni JohnsonStartedStarted50-59 Yrs55FemalePalo Alto min/m
159Patricia Johnson-ZwissigNot startedNot started60-69 Yrs60FemaleHayward min/m
162Amal KarramNot startedNot started70+71FemaleSan Jose min/m
168Kim KinnearNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs29FemaleStanford min/m
169Adrienne KleinNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs38FemaleRedwood City min/m
170Kendra KlingNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs52FemaleRedwood City min/m
166Jessica KimNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs30FemaleSan Francisco min/m
200Jared LeraNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs37MalePalo Alto min/m
211Vivian LusungStartedStarted50-59 Yrs50FemaleVallejo min/m
212Ryan MackeyNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs29MaleSan Jose min/m
214Katina MandasNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs42FemaleMenlo Park min/m
224Donna MirendaNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs56FemaleSunnyvale min/m
241Victoria ParikhNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs35FemaleSan Francisco min/m
244John PenningtonNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs26MalePalo Alto min/m
248Carrie PhillipsNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs38FemaleHayward min/m
280Abinav SankaranthiNot startedNot started13-19 Yrs17MaleSan Jose min/m
281Arnav SankaranthiNot startedNot started13-19 Yrs17MaleSan Jose min/m
282Margie SchmidtNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs51FemaleSan Ramon min/m
303Nantalie SongNot startedNot started30-39 Yrs35FemaleSouth Pasadena min/m
306David SpringerNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs56MaleSan Francisco min/m
307Jenny Stagg10:19.9070.00050-59 Yrs50FemaleSan Jose min/m
311Jean-Francois TambyNot startedNot started60-69 Yrs60MaleSan Mateo min/m
312Sharmila TambyNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs21FemaleSan Mateo min/m
315Anh-Vu ThaiNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs28MaleSunnyvale min/m
316Emily TheobaldNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs23FemaleSan Francisco min/m
319Margaret TobinNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs54FemalePalo Alto min/m
354Brooke ZelnikNot startedNot startedNo Age Given0FemaleSan Carlos min/m
16Juliet AguilarStartedStarted50-59 Yrs58FemalePalo Alto min/m
18Tina AlamarNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs58FemaleStanford min/m
21Anna AldreteNot startedNot started50-59 Yrs53FemaleSan Francisco min/m
22Johanna AlmNot startedNot started40-49 Yrs41FemaleSan Francisco min/m
26Anu AntoStartedStarted30-39 Yrs32FemaleSouth San Francisco min/m
27Alexandra Antonoplis9:05.2570.00020-29 Yrs26FemaleStanford min/m
44Nancy BeckerNot startedNot started60-69 Yrs65FemaleMenlo Park min/m
45Carlos BedollaNot startedNot started20-29 Yrs24MalePalo Alto min/m
Page 1 of 9 (404 items)

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