Forma Turkey Trot
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22 Nov 2018
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 Roy WoodNot startedNot started30-34 YrsFemale min/m
 Carrie KelleyNot startedNot started60-64 YrsFemale min/m
 Denni TyrrellNot startedNot started30-34 YrsMale min/m
 Ashley TyrrellNot startedNot started30-34 YrsFemale min/m
 Sammy CohenNot startedNot started25-29 YrsMale min/m
 Amanda KelleyNot startedNot started25-29 YrsFemale min/m
 Colleen MoragaNot startedNot started35-39 YrsFemale min/m
 Hasina AndersonNot startedNot started35-39 YrsFemale min/m
 Kyle WardNot startedNot started20-24 YrsMale min/m
 Josh JohansenNot startedNot started16-19 YrsMale min/m
 Alvaro TijeroNot startedNot started35-39 YrsMale min/m
 Laura CoxNot startedNot started35-39 YrsFemale min/m
 Adam AbughoshNot startedNot started20-24 YrsMale min/m
 Brian FloresNot startedNot started20-24 YrsMale min/m
 Shayne CocotisNot startedNot started30-34 YrsMale min/m
 Jason HolmesNot startedNot started35-39 YrsMale min/m
 Alexandra TalwarNot startedNot started20-24 YrsFemale min/m
 Eduardo GarciaNot startedNot started45-49 YrsMale min/m
 Dacia GarciaNot startedNot started45-49 YrsFemale min/m
 Justin ForniNot startedNot started30-34 YrsMale min/m
 Brittany GoriNot startedNot started30-34 YrsFemale min/m
 Cassandra WunschelNot startedNot started30-34 YrsFemale min/m
 Jamie FisherNot startedNot started20-24 YrsFemale min/m
 Jenna WestNot startedNot started13-15 YrsFemale min/m
 Jessica ChisarNot startedNot started13-15 YrsFemale min/m
494911Anthony Altobelli21:32.40321:30.05725-29 Yrs77Male45456:56 min/m
9912Nathaniel Beach18:03.60018:03.18325-29 Yrs22Male995:49 min/m
282813Griffin Bergman30:10.68019:59.18713-15 Yrs44Male28286:26 min/m
14Ryan CardiffNot startedNot started20-24 YrsMale min/m
15915915Danna Castro24:35.34324:32.59716-19 Yrs44Female27277:55 min/m
555516Nelson Castro21:54.33021:51.80345-49 Yrs33Male50507:03 min/m
121217Juan Contreras18:14.12018:12.64340-44 Yrs11Male12125:52 min/m
292918Kirby Cool20:03.31720:00.84325-29 Yrs66Male29296:27 min/m
19Krista CurtoNot startedNot started30-34 YrsFemale min/m
656520Matt Dickinson22:17.26722:14.28320-24 Yrs1111Male58587:10 min/m
181821Gabe Elliott19:20.32019:17.55020-24 Yrs33Male18186:13 min/m
22Ethan GaigalasNot startedNot started16-19 YrsMale min/m
151523Leonard Garcia18:39.89318:37.41316-19 Yrs66Male15156:00 min/m
24Dara GoldfeinNot startedNot started16-19 YrsFemale min/m
343425Eitan Goldfein20:44.89320:40.69313-15 Yrs55Male34346:40 min/m
34634626Liz Gottlieb31:33.93327:59.54040-44 Yrs1010Female1011019:01 min/m
535327Stephanie Hamilton21:52.40321:47.42335-39 Yrs22Female557:01 min/m
393928Chloe Hansel20:47.34720:45.65320-24 Yrs11Female116:41 min/m
111129Guillaume Hansel18:13.10718:11.62325-29 Yrs44Male11115:52 min/m
11611630Tommy Hart23:39.41023:35.41045-49 Yrs77Male1001007:36 min/m
444431John Hughes21:28.14021:20.22740-44 Yrs33Male41416:52 min/m
92192132Taylor Jackson37:59.45334:43.29745-49 Yrs4444Male50850811:12 min/m
33Joe JenningsNot startedNot started30-34 YrsMale min/m
34Kevin JervisNot startedNot started20-24 YrsMale min/m
222235Andrew Kemmerer22:26.84719:24.42013-15 Yrs33Male22226:15 min/m
Page 1 of 69 (3416 items)

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