Sacramento Santa Run
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15 Dec 2018
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 Barbara AragonNot started60-69 Yrs63FemaleSacramento 
34Art BallardNot started50-59 Yrs57MaleSacramento 
160Tracy BedwellNot started40-49 Yrs46FemaleRoseville 
 Chrissy BernazzaniNot started40-49 Yrs40FemaleFair Oaks 
 Lara Marie CapistranoNot started30-39 Yrs30FemaleElk Grove 
 Joann CedilloNot started50-59 Yrs50FemaleSacramento 
176Nikky ChahonNot started60-69 Yrs69FemaleSacramento 
 Kameron CiminiNot started20-29 Yrs24MaleCitrus Heights 
 Randy ColeNot started60-69 Yrs62MaleRancho Cordova 
158Mindy CreedNot started40-49 Yrs45FemaleRoseville 
215Laura EspinozaNot started40-49 Yrs42FemaleSacramento 
 Richard CutlerNot started60-69 Yrs61MaleSacramento 
 John CutlerNot started11-15 Yrs11MaleSacramento 
 Susanna CutlerNot started1-10 Yrs9FemaleSacramento 
 Kristy DalayNot started20-29 Yrs26FemaleSacramento 
 Tami DalenNot started50-59 Yrs58FemaleNapa 
 Kimberly DaroncoNot started50-59 Yrs54FemalePlacerville 
 Jeff DavisNot started50-59 Yrs58MaleShingle Springs 
 Kathryn DavisNot started50-59 Yrs52FemaleShingle Springs 
 Bin DengNot started30-39 Yrs32MaleElk Grove 
 Riann EngelbrachtNot started1-10 Yrs7FemaleNapa 
 Denise GianelliNot started30-39 Yrs39FemaleTracy 
 Mike GianelliNot started30-39 Yrs31MaleTracy 
 Patricia GatleyNot started20-29 Yrs27FemaleGalt 
 Samantha GuerreroNot started16-19 Yrs16FemaleSacramento 
 Julianna GuerreroNot started20-29 Yrs22FemaleSacramento 
 David GuerreroNot started40-49 Yrs49MaleSacramento 
 Lupe GuerreroNot started40-49 Yrs47FemaleSacramento 
 Bill HartNot started40-49 Yrs44MaleRancho Cordova 
 Lauren Autumn-Sky HillestadNot started1-10 Yrs10FemaleRoseville 
 Marisol JaradatNot started30-39 Yrs37FemaleWoodland 
 John Grayson JohnsonNot started60-69 Yrs60MaleSacramento 
 Kyle LairdNot started30-39 Yrs34MaleNorth Hollywood 
129Ka LeungNot started30-39 Yrs34MaleWest Sacramento 
 Austin LoyNot started11-15 Yrs11MaleSacramento 
 Soi LyNot started30-39 Yrs39MaleElk Grove 
161Ken MccullochNot started50-59 Yrs55MaleAntelope 
 Krystal MeridethNot started20-29 Yrs29FemaleCitrus Heights 
 April MeszarosNot started40-49 Yrs42FemaleSacramento 
 Douglas PattonNot started50-59 Yrs59MaleSacramento 
 Rob PlannetteNot started40-49 Yrs48MaleSacramento 
 Scotty PlannetteNot started20-29 Yrs27MaleSacramento 
 Jennifer RodriguezNot started40-49 Yrs41FemaleElk Grove 
 Sophia RodriguezNot started1-10 Yrs7FemaleElk Grove 
157Stephen RudnickNot started40-49 Yrs47MaleLincoln 
16Iliana SantellanNot started20-29 Yrs27FemaleSacramento 
99Alec SchraderNot started20-29 Yrs23MaleRio Linda 
 April SimmonsNot started40-49 Yrs43FemaleRancho Cordova 
 Harneet SinghNot started30-39 Yrs33FemaleElk Grove 
 Susie SouzaNot started40-49 Yrs47FemaleStateline 
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