Oktobrewfest 2014
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11 Oct 2014
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Second Categ Pos
Gen Pos
1598Pedro Flores18:07.590Finished25-29 Yrs1 28Male1WoodlandCA 5:50 min/m
2266Adam Lundy18:18.537Finished40-44 Yrs1 43Male2DavisCA 5:54 min/m
3511Cory Coppin18:55.080Finished25-29 Yrs2 25Male3OrangevaleCA 6:06 min/m
4600Beth Zinkand Michel18:57.593Finished40-44 Yrs1 44Female1DavisCA 6:06 min/m
5488Kale Coppin19:13.973Finished25-29 Yrs3 25Male4OrangevaleCA 6:12 min/m
6556Albert Hwang19:36.343Finished35-39 Yrs1 35Male5SacramentoCA 6:19 min/m
7295Stephen Mcsorley19:40.810Finished40-44 Yrs2 44Male6DavisCA 6:20 min/m
8421Jesse Taing19:55.047Finished20-24 Yrs1 20Male7SacramentoCA 6:25 min/m
9457Jose Zaragoza20:10.283Finished25-29 Yrs4 28Male8DavisCA 6:30 min/m
10650Jen Jackson20:14.287Finished40-44 Yrs2 44Female2West SacramentoCA 6:31 min/m
11273Greg Mandler20:34.287Finished50-54 Yrs1 51Male9Elk GroveCA 6:37 min/m
1221Eduardo Acosta21:24.583Finished20-24 Yrs2 21Male10AntelopeCA 6:54 min/m
13181Todd Grames22:07.753Finished50-54 Yrs2 53Male11VacavilleCA 7:08 min/m
14325Steve O'donnell22:14.023Finished35-39 Yrs2 37Male12FolsomCA 7:09 min/m
15103Norman Coppinger22:15.487Finished55-59 Yrs1 55Male13DavisCA 7:10 min/m
16605Alexandra Garcia22:18.543Finished25-29 Yrs1 26Female3WoodlandCA 7:11 min/m
17530Blake Miles22:30.500Finished13-15 Yrs1 13Male14VacavilleCA 7:15 min/m
18579Anthony Eggert22:55.033Finished40-44 Yrs3 42Male15DavisCA 7:21 min/m
1962Rich Berson22:53.213Finished45-49 Yrs1 45Male16SacramentoCA 7:22 min/m
20352Adam Ray22:59.400Finished30-34 Yrs1 31Male17OlivehurstCA 7:23 min/m
21135Sean Drake23:57.050Finished20-24 Yrs3 22Male18DavisCA 7:41 min/m
22363Dan Robillard24:06.787Finished40-44 Yrs4 43Male19Granite BayCA 7:45 min/m
23529Chad Metelak24:51.467Finished30-34 Yrs2 32Male20SacramentoCA 7:45 min/m
24254Sandra Lamanna24:27.977Finished25-29 Yrs2 29Female4Travis AfbCA 7:52 min/m
25193Jennifer Harwood24:33.853Finished40-44 Yrs3 44Female5SacramentoCA 7:53 min/m
26319Jeffrey Nghe24:34.070Finished30-34 Yrs3 31Male21San FranciscoCA 7:54 min/m
27154Ashley Eustis24:36.850Finished25-29 Yrs3 25Female6DavisCA 7:54 min/m
28482Scott Aramaki24:51.327Finished40-44 Yrs5 40Male22DavisCA 7:58 min/m
29384Caitlin Scott24:50.717Finished20-24 Yrs1 24Female7Elk GroveCA 8:00 min/m
30332Rafael Pedroso25:33.343Finished30-34 Yrs4 30Male23DavisCA 8:04 min/m
31608Maurice Wroten25:27.883Finished35-39 Yrs3 37Male24SacramentoCA 8:06 min/m
32646Shelby Warren25:11.420Finished16-19 Yrs1 19Female8 CA 8:06 min/m
33409Lynn Sosnoskie25:43.277Finished40-44 Yrs4 41Female9WoodlandCA 8:06 min/m
34463Madeleine Gallay25:18.540Finished16-19 Yrs2 17Female10DavisCA 8:06 min/m
35377Jon Schedler25:16.287Finished55-59 Yrs2 58Male25Fair OaksCA 8:06 min/m
3622Bijan Agahi25:35.557Finished20-24 Yrs4 21Male26DavisCA 8:08 min/m
37580Rick Koppin25:28.400Finished40-44 Yrs6 42Male27AlamedaCA 8:10 min/m
38536Gina Zendejas31:41.107Finished40-44 Yrs5 41Female11San JoseCA 8:11 min/m
39106Lori Corona25:31.953Finished35-39 Yrs1 37Female12West SacramentoCA 8:12 min/m
40415Alicia Stock26:35.460Finished30-34 Yrs1 33Female13Fair OaksCA 8:13 min/m
4128Erik Alcocer26:29.597Finished50-54 Yrs3 54Male28DixonCA 8:13 min/m
42279Brian Martinez25:43.297Finished30-34 Yrs5 30Male29PleasantonCA 8:14 min/m
43275George Marenco Ii25:39.713Finished35-39 Yrs4 36Male30AntelopeCA 8:15 min/m
44481Anthony Alejandrez25:45.580Finished16-19 Yrs1 18Male31SacramentoCA 8:15 min/m
45358Sarah Reyes25:42.060Finished20-24 Yrs2 23Female14SacramentoCA 8:16 min/m
46364Gerardo Rocha25:39.720Finished30-34 Yrs6 32Male32DavisCA 8:16 min/m
47371Ursula Ruffalo25:45.707Finished45-49 Yrs1 47Female15DavisCA 8:17 min/m
48510John Castillo25:45.050Finished40-44 Yrs7 42Male33VacavilleCA 8:17 min/m
49306Marcelo L Moretti26:04.593Finished30-34 Yrs7 30Male34WoodlandCA 8:21 min/m
50247Austin Klahn26:17.097Finished25-29 Yrs5 29Male35RocklinCA 8:23 min/m
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